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What is Broken Window Studios About?


We here at broken Window Studios believe that interactive entertainment is uniquely capable of expression. Video games are an amazing hybrid of art, design, craftsmanship, science, math and communication. In the fourty plus years that video games have existed, we've barely scratched the surface of what is possible for this form. Our belief is that in the next 20 to 50 years, the concept of a video game will have completely transformed the media landscape.


For us, there are a few reasons that interactivity is important, but the two main ones are empathy and transference. We believe that all media has the power to be moving, persuasive and even transformative. What makes interactivity so special is that it allows us to live through a set of experiences in the truest sense. Games give us an unfilitered look at an alternate reality, a differing viewpoint or a unique life experience. They allow us to explore choice, consequence and outcomes in a way that other media cannot. Perhaps most important of all, they allow the audience to play an active role in shaping the experience. In that way, interactivity allows media creation to become a dialogue between creator and consumer, blurring the lines of authorship and opening up completely new pathways for communication, expression and entertainment.


Because of our beliefs about games and entertainment, you could say that what we do is for "art," rather than a financial incentive. The concept of games as "art" is definitely loaded with biases, but I feel it's the best way for us to draw a line in the sand with our work. We are here to create games as a means of expression. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of our goals and will not allow the business of what we do to affect the result. We believe in using games as a form of expression and not a way to make money. Our hope is to make enough off of what we do to keep doing it. Everything else is just a bonus.


I hope you like our games and that they provide you a unique experience you can't get elsewhere. Thanks for your time, and thanks for playing.


Tristan Parrish Moore

Creative Director and Co-Founder

Broken Window Studios

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